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Why Graphene

Graphene is an extremely thin, strong, transparent and flexible conductor.


Tell us your requirements, and we will be honored and pleased to help you harness the power of graphene.


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About Us

Nitronix’s team possesses extensive experience in the characterization of multifunctional properties of Graphene, as well as a broad knowledge base encompassing the production and processing of Graphene-based materials.

Nitronix Nanotechnology Corp. is an industry-leading advanced materials supplier, distinguished in particular by the company’s unique, large-scale production capability in large-sized, minimal-layer Nano Graphene Sheets.

Our Focus

As a reliable and highly-capable technical partner, Nitronix helps you:

  • Evaluate and select the optimum 2D materials.
  • Develop and create graphene-enabled products and applications.
  • Bridge the industrial gap between innovation and real-world applications.
  • Facilitate the commercialization process via local sales and technical supports.
  • Enhance innovation and competitiveness in the coming graphene revolution.
Our Mission

To bring functional GNPs, Graphene-based compounds, and other advanced Graphene-based materials and devices to the market.