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Helping you harness the power of Graphene

Our goal is to enable you to unleash Graphene’s full potential. To do so, we work with you to select among our high-quality, high-performance Graphene (Ultraphene™) materials the optimal solutions that will deliver performance differentiation to your products, lower the risks associated with product development, and speed your time to market.

Nitronix’ dedicated technical and scientific staff is available 365/24/7 to work closely with corporate partners and research and development institutions throughout the world and across a wide spectrum of applications to accelerate commercialization of end-products through use of Nitronix’ unique technologies and product offerings.

Our expertise in nanotechnology and materials science, coupled with large production scale and advanced processing techniques, uniquely enables us to integrate Graphene (Ultraphene™) into existing customer designs to enhance performance and create new functionality.

Tell us your requirements, and we will be delighted to help you harness the power of Graphene. Should you have any questions or wish to examine the possibility of developing a collaborative relationship with Nitronix, please click on the link below, and we will reply shortly.

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